Why YouTube Still Dominates Video Sharing

Did you just masterfully produce a new marketing video that you want to share with your audience and the rest of the world? Better upload it to YouTube. Even though there are other video sharing sites out there, when it comes to online videos, YouTube still dominates. How has YouTube managed to keep the top spot for so long and will it ever get knocked off its pedestal? As for the former, the following list should help you see why YouTube is the king of videos online. As for getting knocked down a few pegs as a video sharing platform, only time will tell. One thing’s for sure, YouTube isn’t going anywhere soon and the site seems to be gaining in even more popularity every single day.


Quick YouTube Video Sharing Stats

We say that YouTube is the king of online video sharing, but that statement doesn’t really do the site justice. Just consider the following facts and prepare to be blown away.

  • More online video content is uploaded to YouTube in two months than the NBC, CBS and ABC television networks created in a span of sixty years.
  • The average user spends up to 25 minutes per day watching YouTube online videos.
  • When statistics were taken in February of 2011, YouTube had nearly 500 million unique users worldwide per month, and those individuals helped to generate 92 billion page videos for YouTube videos online.

And get this: We spend around 2.9 billion hours on YouTube each month. That amounts to around 325,000 years, just in a month. Now are you convinced of YouTube’s superiority? Why is it that way? Why do so many people prefer online videos from YouTube than from Vimeo or other sharing sites? Let’s take a look at that list we were referring to.

Ease Of Use: YouTube is incredibly easy to use, which important if a platform is going to catch on the way the video sharing site has in just a short amount of time. YouTube hasn’t really changed in design much since its inception in 2005, and that’s a testament to the minimalist design and efficient video sharing functions that have made the platform so popular with the average Internet user, marketers and business owners alike.

Well-Known: You could ask one hundred people walking down the road to name one video sharing site online and they will say YouTube nine out of ten times. Why? Just like Facebook and Twitter have become known as go-to social networks, YouTube has become known as the go-to site for video sharing.

Built-In Apps: If you buy a new smartphone these days, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android phone, or any other type, most come with a YouTube video sharing app built in. This means that wherever the person is, he or she can record video with the phone and then upload it quickly to add to the other YouTube videos online. This means you can literally upload videos on the fly from any phone, anywhere and at anytime. No wonder the site has so much content uploaded daily.

Social Friendly: According to YouTube, there are 400 Tweets per minute that contain a link from the YouTube video sharing platform. Users aren’t just sharing their favorite videos on Twitter, however. It’s easier than ever to share your favorite videos on Facebook, Google+ and you can even place them on your website with the handy share links and icons underneath the actual video. With so much sharing going on, it’s no wonder why YouTube online videos are so darned popular.

Search Engine Friendly: Google purchased YouTube a couple of years ago and ever since then the online videos have shared a special spot in the search engine results pages. Every time you do a search, if there is a relevant YouTube online video to coincide with that search, you will typically see YouTube near the middle of the page. Sometimes, you might see the online videos at the top if they’re the best result for your search query. Just think, you can publish a video and almost instantly reach near the tops of the SERPs. What other video sharing site can promise that?

Opportunity To Go Viral: Many YouTube users have uploaded online videos only to see them go viral quickly. With so many people watching YouTube online videos daily and with so much social sharing going on, the chances of your videos going viral aren’t as low as you think. Think outside the box, put your all into the videos you create and you’ll soon see why marketers, businesses and brands everywhere prefer the video sharing site YouTube for all their video marketing efforts. Go viral once and you might see whirlwind success the likes you’ve never seen.

Why do you like to use YouTube? Is it the ease of use? The fact that it’s so handy on your smartphone? We’d love to hear your answers.

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