Why Daily Blogging Is So Important

7 Reasons You Should Blog DailyIf you run a business and you’re attempting to generate online attention, you’re about to learn some very solid reasons why you should blog daily. Daily blogging solves two very important problems. One, it puts you front and center in the minds of your customers; and two, it allows you to beat out all of your blogging competitors who may not be so active. Here are seven reasons why you’ll want to engage in daily blogging if you want to hoard all the attention and generate all the revenue.


1. Search Engines Reward Fresh Content

Daily blogging will make your search engine listings more visible whenever prospects and customers conduct relevant searches. After a few major algorithm changes, the search engines have finally figured out that fresh content is always better than content that’s been stagnant for a few months or even years. If you blog daily, you’ll be more likely to enjoy prominent search listings; and that, of course, equals far more traffic, customers and revenue.


2.People Look For Current Content

When people conduct searches online, they want content that’s up-to-date and that offers the most relevant information. The Internet provides us with the ability to receive information lightning fast. We often know about news stories as they’re happening when years ago we’d have to wait hours, days or even weeks for all the details to come out. Your prospects and customers are used to this rapid-fire content system and thus will begin to look for fresh content from those who blog daily. Engage in daily blogging and you’ll be more likely to catch the eye of a potential customer, even that prospect originally searched for a competitor of yours.


3. Establish Authority

The reason why daily blogging could potentially help you steal customers from your competitors is because when you blog daily you establish that you know what you’re talking about. If your blogs are filled with researched, verified and useful information, your readers and followers of your blog will begin to look to you as the go-to person in their field. Blog daily, make sure your blog is good and you’ll soon have an entire legion of fans that can’t wait to read your next post.


4. Keep Your Audience Updated

When you blog daily and you consistently fill your posts with useful information, you’ll essentially keep your audience in-the-loop. You can inform them of the latest advancements in your field, the latest attention-getting news stories related to your daily blog, or anything else you feel is relevant. Don’t be afraid to switch it up every now and again with a funny picture or video, as long as the media is relevant to the subject matter at hand.


5. Put A Personality Behind Your Organization

Blogging daily will have you writing so much that you won’t be able to avoid putting at least some aspect of your personality in your posts. This is a good thing. Your customers will want to know that they’re buying from an actual person. So don’t be afraid to put your personality in your posts when you blog daily. As long as you don’t go too overboard, you may find that your writing’s a hit with your primary audience.


6. Build Trust

Blogging daily will show your potential customers and current customers that your company is active and excited about doing business. When you blog daily, it shows a willingness to press forward and a willingness to serve. After all, a blog is free. You are doing this with seemingly no recourse in mind. Of course you do have recourse in mind: you want more prospects and customers to trust you. And daily blogging will do just that.


7. Daily Blogging Garners More Attention 

This is the bottom line. When you blog daily, you will earn higher and more prominent search engine rankings, search users will be more likely to click your blog over other stagnant listings, and all of that equals far more traffic to your site/offer.

Learning to blog daily is the smart move for all marketers who desire much more from their businesses. Make a list of titles beforehand so that you always know what to write about, make your titles enticing, fill your blog posts with useful content that your audience will find interesting and then keep those posts coming.

As an extra hint, start reading a few of those competing blogs we spoke of earlier. If those competitors happen to blog daily, you’ll have plenty of fodder to borrow from that you can then repackage and make better for your own daily blogging venture.

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