What’s New With YouTube

strategically plant your adsThere are a ton of big and exciting changes coming to YouTube in the coming months and now is your chance to get on the ground for as an online marketer. By keeping up with what’s new with YouTube, you can place money-making ads on popular videos well-ahead of any of your competitors. The good news about many of these changes is that bigger, better and more popular videos are most surely coming to YouTube and that means you’ll have more than enough chance to plant your ads and earn your money back many times over.


YouTube Wants to be More Like TV

As you learn more about what’s new with YouTube, you’ll notice that the popular video sharing site is starting to become more like a TV channel; and that would be a wise observation. YouTube wants to be more like a television channel with serialized content or ‘shows’.

YouTube recently purchased AwesomenessTV, which has content included regularly just like a TV channel, for $33 million from DreamWorks. AwesomenessTV has steadily grown an audience since its inception and it shows no signs of stopping.


About YouTube Paid Content

When learning about what’s new with YouTube, you may notice that paid content has been added to the site. YouTube has long wanted to monetize the multitude of videos on its site and with paid content it finally has that ability. As a marketer, this should excite you as YouTube is bound to share that revenue with advertisers who are able to create click-worthy ads.


One Channel Layout

Beginning next month, the rumor about YouTube is that they are rolling out a one channel layout for all channels. This means that there will be no need to join a Partner or Full YouTube partner network. Everyone will be on even keel.

It’s clear that YouTube is trying to make the site more brandable as a single channel, much as we think of HBO or CNN today. Hopefully advertisers will earn the same revenue that those major channels do. With the right videos and the right ads, anything is possible on the world’s largest online video platform.


Annotations To TV and Mobile Apps

A major change that’s coming to YouTube, and one that should excite you when learning about what’s new with YouTube, is that the platform is adding annotations to its TV and mobile apps. If you advertise on YouTube now, you may notice that annotations were only able to be used on the YouTube site.

YouTube even has a TV appNow, mobile apps, online gaming apps published here and TV apps, which will be available on smart TVs and gaming consoles, are able to use annotations, which means that you will now receive clicks from videos on one or more of these apps.

In this aspect, YouTube is just catching up with the times. As more people access YouTube from devices other than the home or office computer, the site has to have a way to process clicks on videos and advertisements across all channels and devices.


Design And Button Changes

You may have noticed a design change here and there and certain buttons appear and reappear over the past few months. When learning about what’s new with YouTube, realize that these are all growing pains. The engineers behind the platform are trying to find the best combination and the best design to facilitate the most widely diverse group of people as humanly possible. And they’ve done a pretty good job so far.

Whether you are an avid YouTube uploader, advertiser or viewer, the site is now as user-friendly as ever. Uploading videos is a breeze with drag-and-drop functionality and large icons, as well as full-support if you happen to get stuck.

This is a great time to be a YouTube user, but it’s an even better time to be an advertiser. When you learn about YouTube, you learn how to maximize the site to your advantage. When you know about changes beforehand, you’ll be better prepared to earn in the future.

These are only a few of the changes that are sure to hit the YouTube platform in the coming months. It is highly-recommended that you keep logging in so that you’re able to witness any changes first-hand as they happen. And start creating ads now that would be perfect for serialized shows. You’ll be seeing plenty of those in the months and years to come. You might as well get in now before the YouTube advertising landscape is saturated with marketing hopefuls just like yourself.

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