What Is AdSense Exactly? The Breakdown

You’ve likely heard the name, but you might be so familiar with the concept. Adsense. What exactly is it and how can it help you with your online marketing efforts? Adsense, as you probably already know, is Google’s online advertising platform. Using elements such as the Internet user’s geographical location, the current website’s content and others, Google is able to deliver ads that target the web visitor’s exact interests. This is very good for you, the online marketer. For ages, advertisers, marketers and business owners have been looking for ways to target consumers directly. Adsense is the answer, if you know how to use it correctly. Let’s look at a Google Adsense breakdown so that you know what to expect from using the platform and so that you can maximize your results with any future Adsense marketing.


Adsense In Action

You may be wondering exactly how Adsense marketing works. Let’s say that you are engaging in Adsense marketing for a company that sells window glass. Now, let’s say that you have a website visitor that searches Google for ‘how to fix a broken living room window’. The first listing in Google is an article about how to fix the window. When the visitor clicks on that listing and visits that website, your ad will appear on that visitor’s screen. This is especially useful if you are looking for local customers. Google will detect that the consumer is in your local area and will show your ads to that consumer using Adsense marketing.


Adsense Marketing And Ad Variety

Google Adsense ads come from Google Adwords advertisers. They are the ones who provide Adsense with the ads that Google will show on relevant sites. The thing about Adsense is that there is incredible variety in the ads that are revealed to consumers and you, as the Adsense marketer, have complete control over which ads are revealed.

There are video ads, text ads, graphic ads, Adsense ads for feeds, Adsense for domains, mobile content and more. This means that Adwords advertisers have many more ways to get their message out there, but it also means that Adsense marketers can make money in a variety of ways, too.


How Can You Make Money From Adsense Marketing?

Now that you know how Adsense marketing works, how do you make it work for you? Once you sign up with Adsense, you can start to design the ads that you want to appear on your websites. A few years ago, the big thing was to create mini or micro blogs with Adsense marketing as the primary means of monetization. These blogs would have minimal content, but they would have tons of traffic delivered to them from various sources, usually purchased traffic or traffic of very little substance. Since Adsense pays per click, Adsense marketers only had to create blog after blog with Adsense marketing included, rinse and repeat, and they’d make a killing.

This is no longer the case. Adsense marketing isn’t so easy anymore and Google has really cracked down on the mini blog phenomenon, which Google saw more or less as Spam.

To make money with Adsense marketing, you should use the following tips. These are gleaned from the top experts in the game and will help you succeed where so many before you have failed.

  • Wide Range Of Traffic: Don’t stick to one trick when it comes to generating traffic. Don’t cheat or buy traffic, but build it organically from several sources over time. This is the way to build sustainable Adsense income.
  • Valuable Adsense Marketing Keywords: As an Adsense marketer, you get to choose which keywords you want to target. You’ll of course want to target the ones that pay the most per click. This will require keyword research, which is a must if you hope to make money using this Adsense breakdown.
  • Valuable Content: If you hope to make money with Adsense, you need to give consumers a reason to visit your site. Put valuable articles, such as our example, ‘how to fix a living room window’, or anything else helpful that pertains to your niche.
  • Blended Adsense Marketing Ads: The Adsense gurus know that the best ads are the ones that don’t look like ads at all. The more you can make your ads blend in with your website content, the more click-throughs you will receive and the more Adsense revenue you’ll earn.


Hopefully this Adsense breakdown helps you open yet another income stream that continues to prosper for years to come. It is always important to diversify your income streams and every online marketer should include Adsense marketing with his or her portfolio.

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