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don't be afraid to pin itPinterest is the latest social network to make waves with online marketers everywhere. Using the Pinterest tool, you can position yourself in front of hopeful prospects and urge them to share your content with other Pinterest users. As long as you know what you’re doing, and if you hop on Pinterest now before your competitors do, you’ll be well-ahead of the curve and in a prime position to take over far more than your share of the market using nothing more than the Pinterest tool.


Pinterest Marketing Strategies – Three Things to Remember

When implementing the Pinterest tool into your current online marketing campaign, you only need to remember three primary marketing strategies.

1.       Follow Others: Pinterest is a social network first and foremost, so be social and join the party. Find others in your niche who may be interested in what you have to offer and start following them. Keep tabs on what they’re doing, and don’t forget to include your competitors with this list. Keeping an eye on your target market and your competition puts you in a prime position to engage in the second Pinterest strategy: the Repin.

2.       The Repin: When you see a visually stunning Pinterest offering, don’t be afraid to repin it. The more you repin, the more traffic you will drive to your primary site or alternate landing page. Keep in mind that every time you repin media inside of the Pinterest tool, the user whose content you pinned will receive an automated email. In most cases, the person will follow the link to see who is repinning their stuff. This is an opportunity for you to collect more leads, earn more contacts and spread your marketing message even further.

3.       Comment When Appropriate: Don’t just leave single word comments. Force people who read  your comments to stop and pay attention to the media the comment is referring to. Every piece of content you pin, repin or comment on inside of the Pinterest tool is another chance to engage a potential lead. If you can’t say something thoughtful or intriguing, go with funny. Funny always works, as long as what you say is funny. Be very careful that you don’t offend anyone in your attempt to make others’ laugh. As long as the comment makes people stop and read, you’ve done your job correctly as a Pinterest marketer.

That’s it. Just stick to those three basic strategies and make it a point to log into the Pinterest tool daily or at least every other day so that you know exactly how your Pinterest marketing efforts are performing.


Building Your Brand Within the Pinterest Tool

Your Pinterest board and all of your repins should follow the same basic theme. Your picture you use should either be your logo or your picture, so that other Pinterest users have no questions as to who you are. Keep your pins and repins relevant and in the same category so that prospects have no trouble finding you, and always go for quality over quantity. The more quality pins and repins you can show on your board, the more quality leads you’ll attract.


Avoid Self-Promotion

It’s not easy to avoid self-promotion when all you’re doing is trying to promote yourself and your brand, but you have to give it a valiant effort. Focus on pins and repins that provide value to your audience. Sure, you want to promote your own photos and other media, and you can definitely do that, but it’s best to keep a ratio going, such as one piece of media from your collection to every three or four that you pin or repin from others’ collections.


Keep Up-to-Date with the Latest Developments

Keep in mind that the Pinterest tool is still in its infancy. The site has kept to a core audience for much of its beginnings, but as the site is expanding, so is its audience. If you haven’t begun to engage your audience on Pinterest, the time to start is right now. If you have high-quality images and other media that you’d like to show off, Pinterest is where you want to be.

Your competitors may not have considered Pinterest yet, and that’s where you can benefit. Get started marketing with the Pinterest tool and you may find yourself interacting with an entirely new segment of your target market. Imagine uncovering a pocket of customers you never knew existed? Imagine boosting your business merely by pinning and repinning items on an imaginary corkboard. This is what the Pinterest tool can deliver and it’s recommended that you get started Pinterest marketing right now.

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