Understanding ClickBank and its Many Benefits

Before you start using ClickBank, you should understand what you’re getting into. You should be privy to all that the benefits the online digital marketplace has to offer. This way, once you get started, you’ll be above the curve and you’ll be able to glean everything you can from the platform while other novices are still getting used to it. The following is a list of benefits from ClickBank, but it’s only a short list. Once you truly get involved and you start making money, you’ll finally understand ClickBank and all that it has to provide the hopeful seller or ambitious affiliate marketer.


Getting Started

ClickBank makes it easy to get started selling and making money online. Whether you want to sell your own digital products or you want to become an affiliate marketer where you sell someone else’s, you will be able to do it quickly and easily with ClickBank.

You simply sign up for an account and you’ll be able to start selling nearly right away.


Seller Account Basics

When you create a seller account, you will be able to learn the exact process for selling your digital goods by reading the Frequently Asked Questions. One of the primary benefits for both ClickBank sellers and affiliates is that the platform pretty much walks you through the process.

You will of course need to bring with the creativity and hard-work if you hope to sell. To understand ClickBank means to understand that there is a lot of competition on the platform. You must host your own sales page, that sales page needs to be well-written and aesthetically pleasing and it needs to stand out from all of your competitors.

Another benefit for sellers on ClickBank is that you can easily flip through competitor products to see what they’re doing, and to see what you can do better. Use that information to make your sales copy and your products even more pleasing for you customers.


Sales Button

Probably the greatest benefit from ClickBank is that you don’t have to worry about processing any payments. ClickBank does it all for you. You simply use their code to create a payment button, which you will then put on your sales page.

You get to set the price, as well as any back-end items you wish to sell and ClickBank will take care of the rest.



Another great benefit from ClickBank is that the platform pays consistently every two weeks, provided that you have qualified for payment and you have surpassed the monthly minimum you set.

To understand ClickBank, you should understand that your first paycheck is often the hardest to earn. The platform is very picky about the payments you receive, at least initially. They want to know that various credit cards and payment processors are being used, just so that you’re not at home buying your products with your own credit cards trying to trick the system. Once you get five individual credit card numbers and you qualify for your first paycheck and as long as your paychecks are more than the minimum you set, you will receive a ClickBank check in the mail every two weeks. After a while, you can have the money direct deposited, provided that you prove yourself to be a good seller and consistent earner.


Affiliate Sales

If you don’t have your own digital products, the next easiest way to get started earning online is to begin affiliate marketing with ClickBank. Once you create your affiliate account, you can start searching the marketplace for products you’d like to promote.

You will need to learn to understand ClickBank’s rating system for affiliate products. Each time you search an item, you’ll be able to see how much it costs, whether or not there are any trial periods, whether or not there are any back-end or recurring sales and a few other stats.

One of those stats is the item’s gravity. One of the benefits from ClickBank for affiliates is that you’re able to see which products are selling the most. A high gravity means that a high number of affiliate marketers were paid for that item in the last pay period. Of course, a high gravity also means that there is more competition. That’s why you’ll generally want to choose a gravity somewhere in the middle, depending on your level of confidence as an affiliate marketer.


Payments and Reporting

Just like with selling your own digital products, affiliate marketers are able to get paid every two weeks as well, and the platform also sorts payments easily. You’ll be able to see where your best efforts are paying off and which products are yielding the most returns.

As you can see, there are many benefits from ClickBank for both selling and affiliate marketing. With step-by-step instructions, a platform that keeps everything organized for you and a community that offers support and plenty of options for keeping your business fresh, interesting and constantly earning, now you’re beginning to understand ClickBank.

2 thoughts on “Understanding ClickBank and its Many Benefits

  1. Thanks Karl. Yea the Internet can be distracting in many ways huh? 🙂

    One of the most difficult (but most important) things to do is identify the most likely income-producing prospects amoung the many, many options. Hopefully you guess right, and then if you do, hopefully you make all the correct moves to maximize revenue.

    Probably the most difficult and least talked about things. You know, I think you just gave me and idea for a series of blogs!

    Best to you in the coming new year Karl.

  2. Hey Bill!

    I’m guilty of not doing enough with Clickbank myself, at least directly. My defense is that there are too many doggone things I’ve gotta keep up with at all times!

    But I do think this is a very helpful overview for beginners, and a reminder for us old salts not to forget how powerful Clickbank can be as a revenue stream. I really do need to get on that…

    Thanks, man. Love your blog and I’ll be back. 😉

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