Twitter Marketing: Last Minute Free Ebook & Live Training

If you’re new to online marketing & haven’t quite figured out how to use (or you dont’ know what it is): I’ve got some good & bad news…

I’ll give you the good news first: In just a little while I’ll be live giving away an ebook that explains exactly how to get started on Twitter.  This is designed for newer people who don’t want to hear about complicated marketing theory or a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo.

And now the bad news: This training is only available to people who are on the early bird list for Business Inner Circle Elite.  Signing up to the early bird list doesn’t obligate you to buy anything, it only qualifies you to get your 50% off coupon when I finally do put it on sale.  In addition I’m giving away great training like this for no cost to everyone who signs up.Since you’re interested in learning this stuff, you’ll want to sign up before you run out of time:

Online Marketing Training Classes

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