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Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or you’re a tried and true vet, you may still ask yourself the same question: How do I find the most popular affiliate program niches that are also the most profitable? This is no easy question to answer, especially considering that many niches are saturated with affiliates trying to make a buck just like you. To find affiliate programs that are both popular and profitable, you should conduct plenty of research. As any vet will tell you, though, you may want to stick with the Evergreen niches, as they always seem to have a healthy following.


Evergreen Affiliate Program Niches

An evergreen plant is one that stays green all year round. An evergreen niche, then, is one that remains popular no matter what time it is. That means that these affiliate program niches will always be in style, but will they be profitable? That’s what you have to figure out.


Markets Vs. Niches

Before we begin with our list of evergreen niches, we should differentiate between the term Market and Niche. A market is a segmented group of the population that has a demand for what you’re offering. Weight loss is a good example of a market. Lots of people want to lose weight these days since obesity is off the charts. If weight loss is a market, then, what exactly is a niche?

A niche is a targeted or specialized segment of a market. If we use weight loss as our example, a few niche ideas might be:

  • Weight loss for men over 50
  • Weight loss for women who recently gave birth
  • Weight loss for teens about to enter college

If we use mental health as our market, some niches might be:

  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Depression

And so on. You get the idea. Your job is to find the Evergreen affiliate program niches, or highly targeted market segments, that will make you the most money. Not only are you looking for popular niches, but you are also looking for niches that will yield you a healthy return on your investment. These are the niches that are in high demand. They are also the niches cause people to search the internet with immediacy.

Top Affiliate Program Niches Infographic


Many people search the Internet for things that they need answers for right away. Maybe they have a pimple and want to make it disappear before a big date or maybe they want to get out of debt. Maybe they want to get their ex back or maybe they want to make their psoriasis go away.

These affiliate program niches will always be in high demand because they involve the three primary markets: Health, Wealth and Love. If you were to choose an affiliate niche program from one of these markets and you were to create a website filled with content promoting that program, in fifteen years the content would still be relevant. Do you see now how evergreen niches work?

Think of your target market and consider what they might be searching for. What would cause someone to search the Internet at three in the morning as they desperately search for answers? These are the affiliate program niches you will want to target.

Some other ideas include:

  • Health: Natural or Homeopathic Healing, Stress Reduction, How to build muscle, etc.
  • Wealth: Debt relief, How to Trade Forex, How to Play the Stock Market, Personal Finance, etc.
  • Love: Divorce, Get Your Ex Back, How to Attract Men/Women, How to be More Attractive to the Opposite Sex, etc.

Now that you have a general idea how evergreen niches work, the trick is to find a targeted segment that isn’t heavily saturated. This is where your research comes in.


Research With Social Networks and Forums

These days you don’t have to commission a poll or gather people together to conduct a market research study to find out what your audience is thinking. All you have to do is log on to your favorite social media sites and forums.

Let’s say you’re thinking of promoting an affiliate niche program related to acne. If this is the case, you will want to search for that niche keyword in the social networks you choose and on the forums you frequent. See what others are saying. Is there a huge demand or are only a few people talking about it? If you find a lot of people discussing the niche you’re thinking of targeting, you may be on the right track. Don’t let that be your deciding factor, however. You now need to see what types of programs are available on the various affiliate marketing platforms.


ClickBank Research

ClickBank is the largest digital marketplace online and it’s a great place to conduct research when searching for the top affiliate program niches. To begin, go to and select the marketplace. Then, select Advanced Search next to the search box at the top.

From here, we are going to search for gravity, since the gravity of a product indicates how many affiliates were paid in the last pay period. If the gravity is high, then we know that the product is indeed popular. For our experiment, we are going to search for affiliate products with a gravity greater than 50.

Right away, our search yields Love, Health and Wealth affiliate program niches. We have a program to help men attract women, a program for fat loss, a muscle building product and a product to help people make money online.

When you are searching for affiliate program niches, you may be worried about competition. Don’t be. Instead of fearing the competition, you should welcome it. If you want to become the best affiliate marketer you can be, you should learn to research the competition so that your content is unique. Take what those affiliates and affiliate marketers are doing and make your content better. If you can manage to create unique content that truly speaks to your audience and you choose an affiliate program niche that is evergreen and thus always in demand, you will make money. If you can repeat your results with other programs, you could be well on your way to becoming one of the top affiliate marketers online. Don’t give up, keep researching and you will succeed.

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