The Update On Twitter iPhone And Android Apps

Twitter users of both the iPhone and the even more ubiquitous Android phones can now rejoice. New and improved versions of Twitter iPhone and Android apps have just hit the app stores of those respective devices this summer. Twitter mobile apps are nothing now. Pretty much since the platform emerged, summer updates for Twitter and iPhone appsmobile users have enjoyed tweeting, retweeting and PMing their favorite celebrities, business partners, role models and friends. Now, with improved design and all new features, the Twitter iPhone and Android apps are sure to keep Twitter enthusiasts engaged.


Twitter Mobile Apps – What To Expect

The Twitter iPhone and Android apps come with a range of innovative features. Both iPhone and Android users will enjoy the new swipe feature. Both operating systems utilize the swipe in one way or another. A common use of swipe is the unlock feature that allows you to bypass the screen saver to access your home screen. With both Twitter mobile apps, users will be able to swipe various elements right in their timeline. They can reply to tweets, retweet, save tweets to their favorites or view profiles; and they never have to leave the primary screen.

Another feature shared by both the Twitter iPhone and Android apps is the ability to ‘Find Friends’. As you probably already know, you have the ability to upload your contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers in order to identify which of your friends and associates are on Twitter.

With this ability now offered to Twitter mobile apps users, you will be able to expand your Twitter network for even more brand exposure.


Twitter App For iPhone

IPhone users are already used to the ability to copy and paste outside of the Twitter mobile apps environment. The new Twitter app for iPhone finally brings the swipe capability to the Twitterverse. The same as you do outside of Twitter, you just hold down to copy and then hold down to paste. You can now copy and paste snippets of tweets and profiles, and you can also paste snippets of external articles in your tweet box, making composition easier.


Links Within Tweets

When iPhone users see a link within a tweet and they click share, they will now be able to tweet that link, copy it or mail it to someone else. They can also choose to read it later, which will bookmark the tweet within the use links within tweetsTwitter mobile apps platform.

When iPhone users hold down on links, they’ll get a series of similar options, but they will also see the option to open the actual web page within the Safari browser.


Direct Messages

When DMs start to clutter up your inbox, you can now mark all DMs as read on the iPhone Twitter mobile apps by clicking the check mark in the lower right hand corner.

Finally, iPhone users will be able to change their font size settings under Settings>Advanced.


Twitter App For Android

Both Twitter iPhone and Android apps are optimized to run on the latest versions of their respective operating systems. The Android Twitter app is optimized to run on all Android devices that are running the operating system known as Ice Cream Sandwich. You can also run it on the Kindle Fire and Nook.

The Android app comes with an entirely new design and functionality that takes all the kinks out of the old version. Furthermore, you will be able to mark your tweets as read.

While the ability to mark DMs as read is available on most Twitter mobile apps, users of the Twitter iPhone and Android apps specifically demanded the ability to mark DMs as read because they were tired of already read DMs cluttering up their inboxes.

For instance, if you read a DM on Tweetdeck and then you return to one of your Twitter mobile apps, you should be able to see that you already read that DM. Now you will be able to do just that on all Android devices.

The Twitter iPhone and Android apps are constantly being updated, so you may see features today that aren’t listed here. Just be glad that you can now tweet and retweet to your heart’s content no matter which side you stand on in the iPhone Vs. Android debate.

If you have never used Twitter mobile apps, you’ll be glad to know that you have most of the functionality of the web version with a few more unique features. Either way, you’ll be able to remain connected no matter where in the world you happen to be.

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