The Best Credit Repair Affiliates

Life can be pretty hard on a person with bad credit. When a person has one or more red marks on their credit report, they often can’t buy a house, get a loan to start a business and some are even barred from taking certain jobs. And if they do get qualified for a credit card, they are sure to come with interest rates high enough to make their noses bleed. Don’t you want to help these people live better lives? Now you can with credit repair affiliate programs, and you can earn money on each individual you help.


Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

As a credit repair affiliate marketer, your job is to attract those with broken credit histories to your website, marketing materials and, essentially, to your credit repair affiliate links.  Each time someone clicks on your link and enrolls in the credit repair program, you earn a commission.

All you have to do is choose the best credit repair affiliate program out of all those available and you will be all set to start advertising a better life to those who need it. The following is a list of the best credit repair affiliate programs that can be found online.


Credit Repair Doctor

This is the program everyone is talking about, so it is only fitting to list it as the first best credit repair affiliate. Credit Repair Doctor has been around a long time. It was founded in 1998 and can be found on ClickBank. Currently the program is offering $76 per sale, which is another reason it’s considered one of the best credit repair affiliates.

When you are pitching the Credit Repair Doctor credit repair affiliate program, you will tell your audience that they only need to commit an hour or less a month. With five simple steps, this program is guaranteed to improve your prospects’ and customers’ credit history, and that’s why it’s aptly called the Credit Repair Doctor.



This is another hot program that belongs on a best credit repair affiliates list. With FixCreditBiz, you will earn $150 per sale and $100 for every credit repair affiliate you sign up. So not only can you earn when you attract credit repair hopefuls, but you also earn when you recruit others to sell this best credit repair affiliate program. With two chances of earning, this is definitely a program to check out.

There is no monthly fee, all of the customer’s accounts will be monitored and there is complete sales support. All you have to do is refer people to your credit repair affiliate link and the FixCreditBiz staffers will do the rest. This is a great opportunity to earn big.


Progrexion Credit Affiliate Program

This program comes with a ten year track record. The program is said to be incredibly accurate when it comes to credit report affiliate tracking, and payments are always reliable.

Progrexion is actually the marketer of, one of the nation’s leading provider of these types of services. You can bet that this is one of the best credit repair affiliate programs, as well as one of the most reliable on the market.


Credit Repair Publishing

With the opportunity to earn $80 to $89 per sale, there is a good reason this program is on the best credit repair affiliate list.

This program advertises that it is for experienced affiliates only. The credit repair affiliate program has been in effect since 1994 and has been online since 2000. With a proven track record and years of experience, you can feel confident that your customers will find a reliable answer to their broken credit scores.


CuraDebt Credit Repair Affiliate

With this program, all you have to do is place a toll-free number on your website or marketing materials. It’s called a pay-per-call program. You will earn $33 per call that lasts over 3 minutes and if the caller lasts over 20 minutes, you will earn $44 per call.

The calls must come in during the credit repair affiliate’s normal business hours, but this is a great way to earn money if you are new to the credit repair affiliate game. You can place a phone number on pretty much anything – website, flyer, business card, billboard – and you can essentially open a fully-flowing income stream that never quits.

Are you ready to enter the credit repair affiliate game? If you are new to this you can get help here, it will go through the process step by step. You now have a list of the best DIY credit repair and affiliates on the market. What you do with this information is entirely up to you.

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