Take Advantage Of Running Your Own CPA Campaign

If you are looking to add yet another income stream to your Internet marketing portfolio, one of the best ways to go about it is to begin your own CPA campaign. Cost-Per-Action marketing is a viable income-generating source for veterans, experts, novices and beginners alike. In fact, even if you are brand new to the game of online marketing, you’ll find beginning your own CPA campaign easy and fun. The following are some important points to consider when getting your cost-per-action campaign off the ground.


Why CPA?

Some of the benefits of beginning your own CPA campaign include:

  • There’s No Selling: You don’t have to generate sells in order to earn money with your cost per action campaign.
  • Ads Are Designed To Convert: The ads you have to choose from are already tested and proven to convert. All you have to do is drive traffic to your CPA campaign.
  • No Experience Necessary: If you can generate traffic, you can make money with your own CPA campaign.


Your Target Audience

In order to earn big with your own CPA campaign, you must understand the group of individuals you are marketing to. When you know what your prospects want and need, you’ll have a much easier time choosing CPA campaign offers they might find an interest in. Once you find the offers that your target audience is sure to jump on, the rest should be all downhill from there.



Never stick with one offer when designing your cost-per-action campaign, especially if you want to increase the odds of earning big. Instead, explore all options pertaining to the interests of your audience. You may find that your audience responds to some ads more than others. The only way to determine what your audience likes is by exploring all ad options. Stick with one and your results will be 50/50, hit or miss.


How To Choose The Best Offers For Your CPA Campaign

You will have to apply to a CPA network before you can begin your cost-per-action campaign. Once approved, you will be able to choose through that network’s myriad of offers. The following tips can help you weed through all of those offers to find the ones your audience is sure to respond to.


The Less Action The Better

In case you haven’t noticed, most people online have short attention spans and they have even less time to spend on your website or offer. The less you require of your audience, the more you are likely to get out of them. For instance, if you put a long form in front of your visitors that asks them their name, address, email address, shoe size, weight and height, most people will bail by the second line.

On the other hand, if you only ask for a name and email address as your CPA campaign action, you’ll be more likely to earn commission on that particular offer.

Look for cost per action offers that require name and email or one or the other. Some offers may pay tons of commission, but they often ask much more of the CPA prospect than that person is willing to give.


Look For Free Offers

CPA campaign offers that offer free gifts, trial offers and subscriptions do incredibly well. If you want more traffic, free is the way to go.


Would You Convert?

When deciding on offers for your cost-per-action campaign, consider if you would sign up for that offer. If the answer is no, ask yourself why not. This kind of analysis can help you determine the best offers from the ones that are better off left alone.

Now that you have chosen a few offers for your cost-per-action campaign, the next step is to promote those offers so that you can start earning those big commission checks.


How To Promote CPA Offers

  • Keep Things Simple: When you find an offer, make sure your prospects have an easy time signing up for that offer. If you are preceding the offer with an opt-in form, go through the steps to opt-in yourself so that you can confirm there are no problems for future subscribers.
  • More Free Offers: On your website or on a separate squeeze page, offer your audience a free e-book or e-report that includes links to your CPA offer. Make the information relevant and useful and your audience, after reading your excellent tips and advice, will be ready to accept any offer you recommend. This is but one idea to generate more traffic for your CPA campaign.
  • Integrate Offers On Your Website: When posting offers from your cost-per-action campaign on your website, make sure the offers integrate beautifully. The wording and coloring should look exactly like all the other content on your site. This will help you increase conversions because people don’t like to click on ads that look like ads. If you can make your offers part of your content, your CPA campaigns will be sure to succeed.


Now it’s time to begin your very own CPA campaign. Put these tips into action and you’ll soon be earning like the masters.

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