Struggling With ClickBank?

increase your ROI with a stronger ClickBank campaignIf you are struggling with ClickBank, it’s time to stop what you’re doing right now and listen up. Most people who fail on ClickBank end up making things much more difficult than they need to be. The following is an easy-to-use guide to ClickBank that doesn’t involve any specialized skills and you certainly don’t need to spend a fortune. That’s not to say that you don’t need to spend a little bit of money. Think of it as an investment. Your job is to earn a high return on that investment. And you’re going to learn how to set up your ClickBank and earn a high ROI with this very guide. To set up your account so that you start earning quickly and consistently, start with step one.


Step 1: Create Your Account

Click on the Signup button on the ClickBank homepage. Here you have two options. You can become a vendor and sell your own products and services or you can become an affiliate and sell other peoples’ products and services. We’re going to select Affiliates, since we don’t have our own product as of yet, and we’re going to click ‘I have an established audience’. ClickBank sells a marketing plan for $27 per month called the ClickBank Audience Builder. If you don’t want that, click the established audience option (ClickBank for Affiliates) and let’s get started learning how to set up your ClickBank web presence.

Scroll to the bottom and click Sign Up Now. Fill out all the required information and now you’re ready to learn how to set up your ClickBank offer for the very first time.


Step 2: Find Your Offers

Now you are ready to select the offers that you’re going to promote. In your ClickBank dashboard, click on the Marketplace link at the top of the page. In the search box, enter a keyword or keyword phrase related to your niche. If an expert was going to show you how to set up your ClickBank to earn quickly, they’d probably tell you to search for keywords that may relate to the solving of a particular problem. In our case, we’re going to select a common major problem many people face: hemorrhoids.

Right away we get several offers. When learning how to set up your ClickBank to be lucrative right off the bat, you’ll want to pay attention to the gravity, which tells you how many other ClickBank users have been paid recently for that particular product, as well as the average $ per sale, which tells you how lucrative the offer can be. Look over the other stats and then click-through to the offers you’re considering. If you would buy the product based on the landing page and information you see, you’ll be ready to learn how to set up your ClickBank web presence.


Step 3: Setting Up Your Offers

When you find an offer, do your keyword research and come up with at least five good keyword phrases you can use to promote your ClickBank product. Use one of those keywords as your URL. Then set up hosting and a landing page. When just learning how to set up your ClickBank, I recommend WordPress with a static homepage since WordPress is so easy to use and it’s incredibly customizable.

Choose a theme and write word copy that hails the benefits of the product and then set up an opt-in box using any email marketing platform. I also recommend that you set up a blog on your site. You will then use a drip marketing campaign to entice your site visitors to buy your ClickBank offer.


draw your audience inStep 4: Drawing Your Audience to You

Now you have to build some traffic to your landing page, opt-in box and blog. You will do this by writing and publishing at least one blog a week and make them of great quality. While you’re doing this, start writing email newsletters you can send out to your subscribers. Focus on top tips, problem solving and goal setting and achieving. You’re supposed to be the expert in your field, or at least you will need to position yourself as such if you hope to succeed.

Then, once your blogs are written and published, start spreading them around on social media. The idea is to use your blogs and your email newsletters to build trust and a solid bond with your audience. Notice how we’ve only focused on how to set up your ClickBank and haven’t even pitched a single product yet. Just help, be the leader and draw your audience to you. The selling starts once you’ve built up a healthy list and a regular following.


Step 5: Sell Your ClickBank Product

Place an ad for your ClickBank product in a widget on your sidebar. And every once in a while mention your product and its benefits to your audience only after you’ve helped them or given them great advice. Make selling your second priority and you’ll avoid annoying your audience. If you position yourself as the authority and you make recommendations to buy the ClickBank products you’re offering, you’ll soon see that selling on ClickBank isn’t as difficult as you once thought.

Now that you know how to set up your ClickBank, start searching for offers and start selling. Then, come up with your own product to take your online sales opportunities to the next level.

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