Prepare A Better Outline For Your Next Webinar

DCF 1.0You have the idea for the perfect webinar and you want everything to go perfectly. Of course every webinar host has that same goal, but only a few are able to pull off flawless sessions for their participants. Putting on a successful webinar is all in the planning, it’s in the outline and timing more specifically. You need to learn how to prepare a better outline for your next webinar if you hope to make an impression. And it better be a strong impression if you hope to compete with all the competition out there. The following tips will help you construct a webinar outline that will rival even the most put together webinars. Then watch your participation levels and overall revenue drastically improve.


Laying Out Your Subject Matter

When you’ve come up with the concept for your next webinar, you’ll want to lay out a rough outline of everything you hope to cover. Just let your mind wander and write down every idea your mind comes up with. This isn’t the time to edit your list, it’s more of a time to let your thoughts flow from your mind to the paper or screen you’re writing on. If you want to learn how to prepare a better outline for your next webinar, you need to learn to edit before you commit to your final presentation.

What ideas do you hope to convey? What lessons do you hope to teach? These are questions you’ll want to answer before you start transcribing your actual webinar outline.


Research is Key

Before you start with your actual outline, you need to conduct your due diligence. Find out what other webinar hosts are talking about (as they relate to your subject matter), discover the latest findings in your niche and try to make your research and your overall webinar outline completely unique. Your webinar should be one that your participants have never seen before.

Create bullet points with all of your research and prioritize it according to its importance. Now you have the basis for your final webinar outline. You only need to put it together in the most entertaining way.


Your Webinar Outline – Think Like a Participant

Now is your chance to lay out your next webinar step-by-step. Think like one of your participants who may not know as much about your subject matter as you do. How do you present the matter little by little so that they better understand?

This is your goal: to present your next webinar like a story. Hook them in with the beginning few minutes. Really wow them with facts or with the benefits they’ll receive after they follow your advice. Then dig into the actual subject matter, the steps they’ll have to take, the sacrifices they’ll have to make and the lessons they’ll have to learn to receive the benefits you hailed in the beginning.

When you are finished laying out your webinar outline, actually act it out. Go through each step as if you are actually performing in front of a live audience. Do any parts seem boring to you? Do any parts seem to drag out? Have you maybe left out some parts that will better explain what’s going on?

This revision process is an important step before you even begin to flesh out the webinar outline you’ve created. When you’re sure that your outline is presented in the exact order and with the exact information you need to entertain and inform your audience, that’s when you’ll want to flesh out your outline to more resemble your finished product.


test your Webinar outlineTest Your Webinar Outline

If possible, run your next webinar outline by someone who has no horse in the race, so to speak. This third party might be able to give you insight that you can’t give yourself, mostly because you’re too close to the project. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to let us know that we’re rambling too long or that we haven’t explained a particular subject matter enough. Using this third-party input, revise your webinar outline even further.


Fleshing Out Your Webinar Outline

When you are confident that you have the perfect webinar planned and outlined, that’s when you’ll want to flesh everything out. Plan your slides, your spoken lines and your guest participation, if applicable. And make sure you leave some room in your webinar outline for audience participation. The feedback you receive from your audience will improve your skills as a webinar host. If you want to know how to prepare a better outline for your next webinar, you’ll want to listen to the opinions and criticisms from those who sit in on the creations you’ve worked so hard on.

The lesson here is that you should always spend more time on your webinar outline, making sure everything is perfect, before you start fleshing things out. Go through each point and make sure your timing and the effect you hope to convey are on point. Then get a second opinion. With enough research, effort and desire, your next webinar is sure to be a resounding success.

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