6 thoughts on “Online Direct Marketing & The New Visa MasterCard Merchant Account Rules

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  2. This article is 100% misleading.. while it may be insightful information for how *some* merchant companies will handle business in light of the new rules, it surely doesn’t apply to ALL merchant processors… you should have BOLDED and put 30pt font around the text that reads “As we shared with you previously, our merchant processing company has made changes in light of Visa and MasterCard’s desire to eliminate practices considered damaging to the brands”

  3. So much of this stuff just sounds like what people should be doing anyway. My main beef is that if people are stupid enough to fall for false marketing then that’s their fault. We need make consumers more responsible for their buying decisions.

  4. After reading this in it’s entirety, though it definitely appears to be a “shake up” most of the bones in my body, as well as cells, are celebrating at the ethics that are Now Being Restored. Thank you Bill, for continually and always keeping us up to date and up to speed as to the latest and greatest in the Internet Marketing Arena and posting News That Matters with urgency and care.

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