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The ClickBank marketplace has helped millions of online marketers make money via the sale of digital products since it first hit the scene back in 1998. And the company is still going strong today. If you want to learn how to make ClickBank work for you, it helps to understand how the system works. Much has changed about the way digital products are sold, and the Internet itself has changed in many ways over the years. While the system for selling on ClickBank has changed, the end result remains the same. You can earn quite a healthy living as a ClickBank seller, as long as your ClickBank campaign adheres to the following concepts.


Choosing A Product

We’ll assume that you have a niche picked out for your ClickBank campaign and that you’re ready to choose a product. Use the ClickBank advanced search function to find exactly the type of product you’re looking for. Use the keywords your prospective customers might use to search for your product and choose the minimum stats you’ll accept.

The stats you’ll want to pay attention are Gravity, which represents the amount of affiliates currently being paid for that particular product, and the commission percentage. Gravity will tell you whether or not the product is competitive or not, and the commission will let you know if promoting the product is worth the effort.

When you have a list of products based on your chosen keywords, and you’ve selected one or two products from that list based on the stats you’ll accept, it’s time to actually click-through to the actual sales pages.

Pay attention to every element on the sales page – the title, subtitle, hook, bullets, offers and promises – and decide if it’s the right fit for your ClickBank campaign. If you wouldn’t buy the product based on the information you’re given, your customers might feel the same way.

When you’ve finally found a product that wows you, and that includes all the stats that will make the promotion of that product worth your while, it’s time to present your offer to the masses in order to rake in those ClickBank commission checks.


Website And/Or Blog

Your website or blog will act as the main platform for your ClickBank product, but your product should never be the focal point of your website or blog. Here’s what that means. When you set up your website and/or blog, you need to provide valuable information related to your specific niche. So if you have chosen a bodybuilding product on ClickBank, your website and blog should discuss the latest bodybuilding research, products and news. The information should be such that your prospective customers become very interested. This will convince them to sign up for your newsletter.


Email Marketing

Your goal is to secure your potential ClickBank customers’ email addresses. Once you have that little bit of contact information, you’ll be able to work on convincing your subscribers to respond to your ClickBank campaign, and ultimately purchase your product.


Authoritative Content

To become successful at ClickBank, you must provide valuable information on your site, blog and in your newsletters. The information should be such that your potential customers start looking forward to the various elements you offer in your ClickBank campaign. By providing only quality information, you will also establish yourself as an authority in your field. This is when your audience will begin looking to you for advice and guidance; and that’s the perfect time to introduce your ClickBank campaign offer.


Introducing Your ClickBank Product

Only when you have established yourself as the authority should you pull out your ClickBank campaign offer. For best results, you should have purchased the product (or requested a free copy from the author)and actually used it prior to the unveiling. That way, you can relay your actual experience and your recommendation to buy the product will have much more weight. And that’s exactly how you should handle selling your ClickBank product. Don’t sell, recommend.


Other Tools To Assist You

Of course there are many other ways to sell ClickBank products, but the above is time tested and affiliate marketer approved. You can use social media, SMS messaging and even offline marketing to sell your ClickBank campaign offers, but the takeaway is the same for all methods involved. Establish yourself as the authority in your field first, choose products only you yourself would buy and always provide valuable content to further your reputation. Follow those basic concepts and your ClickBank campaign will surely succeed.

One thought on “Make ClickBank Work For You

  1. When I first started marketing Clickbank products. I was going about it the wrong way. I would try and buy ads on Google and one day I was banned from doing anymore ads, because the sites I was promoting didn’t meet the criteria of Google. I got an email stating that I needed to change the content of the site to confirm with Google’s regulations. Well that was impossible because I didn’t own the site, I was just promoting it.

    So word of warning when trying to promote any Clickbank product, make sure it conforms with the rules, regulations and policies of the site you are placing you ad on, especially Google.

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