Last Chance To Win The iPad: Viral Online Word Of Mouth Marketing Contest

You probably heard about my contest where I’m giving away an Apple iPad. Well… the contest ends in 2 days! Now’s your last chance to get some bonus points into the contest (or to join the contest before it’s over).

To make it worth your while… I’m DOUBLING all contest points for the last 2 days of the contest!

So go right now to promote your word of mouth contest links on Twitter, Facebook & Google Buzz for double points. Just for hitting the “like” button on Facebook & using our FaceBook App you’ll also get double points!

Get your contest links here for the last chance to get bonus entries to win the iPad:

You can then check your contest standings here:

Don’t forget… this is not a contest where the number 1 winner gets the prize. This is a random drawing and the more points you earn the better your chances are to win. You have until April 27th during my live show to get points. So the more you talk about the contest online the greater the odds are you’ll win… So what are you doing reading this? Get started already! 🙂

All the best,

Bill McIntosh

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