Informative Product Reviews Can Boost Your Online Marketing Integrity And Presence

In the world of business, both online and off, nothing sells quite like an informative product review. An informative review gives potential customers a chance to essentially try your product out before they buy. As they read the review, these potential customers are living vicariously through the author as they learn about the benefits of your product, any drawbacks and everything else they might like to learn before they make a buying decision. If you think about it, a good informative product review is just like having your own personal salesman enticing people to buy. Properly written, an informative product review can boost your image in the minds of consumers and send your sales figures through the roof.


What Makes A Good Product Review?

In order to craft a great product review, you must get inside the minds of your audience. Think of how your potential customers think and go through each step of the buying process one-by-one.

Most consumers, when they see a product they’re interested in, go through the 5-Ws. A good informative product review follows this exact format.

What: What is the product? What is it used for and why would I want it?

Why: How would the product benefit me if I do decide to buy it? Do I really need this product?

How: How is the product used? Is it difficult to use? Are there any tricks to using the product that will make it even more valuable? Also, how much is it?

Where: Where is the product available? Can I buy it in the store or strictly online? What is the payment process to buy the product?

When: Can I buy the product now or is there an official launch date?


Attention Grabbing Title

If you hope for your informative product review to be read by lots of people, you need to create a title that grabs your reader’s attention. More importantly, you need to include your product name and possibly model number in the title so that it will get picked up by the search engines. The more descriptive you are in your title, the more likely the review is to show up whenever anyone searches for the product in question.


The Buying Experience

A good product review takes the reader through the entire product buying experience. For example, “After ordering the product off of, we received it in about three days, which is exactly what they promised.”

The reviewer might also describe the way the product is packaged or how fast it took to download.  This helps the reader get an idea of what it’s like to buy and receive the product, which are large aspects of the product buying experience.


Physical Products

If the product is one of a physical nature, such as a book or tool of some sort, the reader should feel as though they are holding the product in their hands. The reviewer should describe what the product looks like, how much it weighs, what it feels like in the hands and anything else that comes to mind when first experiencing the product first-hand.


Information Products

Ebooks and software that are downloaded straight from the web should be described in terms of their ease of installation and use. A creative product reviewer can even take the reader through a sample experience with the product, which leaves the reader with an artificial memory of using the product first-hand.



Every informative product review should include negative aspects of the product. You could write that the product is too heavy, that it takes too long to load, you could call the colors abhorrent, or anything else the consumer might like to know before making a buying decision.

If you are writing the product review for your own product, you probably don’t want to list any downsides to your product. You’re trying to sell it, after all, not chase people away. However, the more honest you are in your product review, the better the results will be.

If you know there are downsides to the product, fix them instead of fudging in the product review. Consumers will eventually find out and the credibility of the product and the review writer will take a hit. Instead, list everything as-is in the review and let people make up their own minds. As long as the benefits and all other aspects outshine the downsides, potential customers will soon see that your product is worth its weight in gold.

Keep these points in mind the next time you write an informative product review if you want to boost your image and your bottom line.

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