If You Build Your Top Blog Content Into Free eBooks For Traffic, It Will Come

Most Internet marketing experts will tell you that blogging is one of the primary ways to drive attention to your brand. A well-written blog can attract quite an audience and it can put a personality behind your company and brand that readers tend to respond to. However, many marketers are under the impression that blogs can only be used once. Once they publish those blogs to the Internet, these marketers will simply write more blogs and bury the content they already created. A better way is to recycle your blog content to make the well-written content work for you. If you take your top blogs and you convert those blogs into free eBooks, you’ll soon see just how much traffic you can attract.


Driving Traffic 

A blog drives traffic primarily through the search engines. By conducting thorough keyword research and then writing blogs using those keyword terms, you can rank prominently in the search engines for those terms and the traffic should come.

The best blogs are the ones that appeal to readers’ most pressing problems. When people face problems, they tend to turn to the Internet. Your blog should try to solve the problems that concern your audience the most. As you write more blogs and your archived content grows, you should begin to see certain patterns forming.


Analytics, Page Views And Comments

Hopefully you have your blog hooked up to an analytics platform like Google Analytics. This will allow you to determine which blogs are more popular with your audience. You’re looking for the blogs with the most page views. These are the blogs that seem to entice your audience the most and the titles of these blogs should be marked so that you can use them in just a minute. These are the blog entries that will go into your free eBooks that you’ll be writing to attract far more traffic to your site and brand.

Another way to determine which blogs strike a chord with your audience is to look at the comments following each blog you post. The ones that are the most intriguing, thought-provoking, controversial or funny will usually attract the most comments.

Getting the conversation flowing in the comments section should be one of your main goals when you write new blog entries. This is why it is sometimes helpful to ask a question after each entry or to talk to the audience directly, just to get more comments coming in.

Find your most popular blogs by analyzing your page view data and by counting the number of comments you have on each blog. Once you have a list of your hottest titles, you will want to compile them into a free eBook.


Compiling Your eBook

The eBook you are about to compile will serve the same purpose as your blog: it will solve your readers’ most pressing problems. When it comes to naming your eBook, you will want to choose a title that grabs your audience’s attention. Top Tips, Expert Hints, Top Mistakes To Avoid and Free Advice are all great title ideas. Think outside of the box and take your knowledge of your niche and your audience to construct a title that your audience will best respond to.

Then, convert your blog entries into book form. If you have a dating blog and you’re writing a dating eBook titled, “Ten Tips For Finding A Date Tonight!”, you might compile ten of your blog posts and call it a day. You should include an introduction and a conclusion, and both should include your email address and website URL. If your goal is traffic, you must give your readers a link and a destination to follow.

Heavily advertise your eBook, including building its own landing page and download offer. You will also want to advertise your eBook on your blog, your site and on your social networking sites. If your eBook content is well-written, you should see a huge boost in traffic almost overnight.

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