How To Create An Online Income

earn an income onlineMany Internet marketing gurus are asked what they would do if they had to create an online income from scratch with no money and no web presence to speak of. Interestingly enough, no guru has ever been stumped by this answer. Even though the Internet constantly changes and online marketing techniques are constantly evolving, it turns out that creating an online income requires the same steps and principles no matter what techniques you use. The following is a roadmap to follow on your journey towards online income. It’s compiled from gurus’ answers to the very question: what would you do if you had to create an online income from scratch? The first thing you do is choose your path.



Ways to Create an Online Income

There are many ways to create an online income, but you must choose one to begin. A common mistake most rookies commit is trying too many things at the same time. It is far better to stick with one technique at a time until you become proficient with that one technique. Then, you can move on to others.

The basic techniques that we can use to create an online income include:

  • Start a Blog Monetized with Adsense, Amazon and ClickBank links
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Write and Sell E-Books

These are just a few, but we are going to use all of these to create an online income. We are going to start with affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate Marketing

You do not need a website for affiliate marketing, but it helps. Since we started this experiment by saying that we were going to develop our online income with zero money, we will start with a free blog service like or If you have a budget, buy your own domain and hosting. You will get far better results in the search engines and today’s online users tend to trust self-hosted domains more than free blogging services. Regardless, this blog will show you how you can get similar or the same results with a free blog service.

Whether you start with a free or self-hosted blog, make sure you dress the blog up to coincide with the affiliate marketing offer we are going to promote. You should match colors, tone and language to the sales offer and make sure you’re speaking your primary audience’s language. This takes lots of market and competitor research, which we are going to pretend we already engaged in. The following is what would happen if we had already conducted all of our research and needed to create an online income quickly.


Blog Set Up

You should start your blog with at least five entries, possibly ten. This shows that you have been active and most people will want to stick around and read a blog that has been active. Your blog isn’t that active yet, however. You need comments if you really want people to stick around and read your blog entries.

Studies have shown that people are more interested in blogs that others are interested in. Therefore, the more comments you have, the more likely people are to remain on your blog, read your content and buy your products. This is how you generate online income with a blog.

Make sure your content is informative, entertaining and helpful so that it stands apart from the competition. Also, make sure your blog focuses on the affiliate product. The blogs will be designed to help your readers solve a certain problem, but the affiliate product you’re promoting will be the primary focus.

For instance, if your affiliate product is designed to help your readers lose weight, your blog entries will help them prepare to lose weight and may give tips and techniques, but the affiliate product is where you will want to send your serious weight loss pioneers. If you position your affiliate product as the best there is around for that particular goal, your readers will jump on board.

Once your blog is set up, sign up under different names and leave comments. Or get your friends and family to do it. Make sure there are lots of informative and useful comments under each post. This may seem like cheating, but sometimes you need to give your blogs a boost if you hope to create online income.


Email Marketing

Using an email marketing platform like Aweber, set up an opt-in box with a free ‘Top Tips’ e-book offer to entice subscribers to sign up with your email list. Having an email list is one of the best ways to create an online income.

If you keep up with your blog and your emails and you stock them both with informative and useful content, you’ll be able to sell even more affiliate products to create an online income.

Once you start getting more traffic and readers to your blog, you can create even more of an online income with Adsense ads and with Amazon and ClickBank links. Don’t overstuff, but always look for more opportunities to earn.

When you start making an income, you can then write about your experiences and sell your own “How to Create an Online Income” e-books to sell on Amazon or other e-book retailers.

As you can see, the above example requires no money at all and as long as your content is fresh and your ambition steadfast and strong, you will succeed at generating an online income. Don’t give up, keep on your path even when you feel like nothing is happening and you will soon see that creating an online income isn’t difficult, it only takes know-how, a solid process and the drive to actually make it happen. Good luck and may you generate plenty of online income streams in the very near future.

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