Don’t Forget To Issue Your 2013 Company PSA

plan out your next public service announcement for 2013A new year has finally arrived and that means it’s time to start planning your next public service announcement. There are many hot topics you can use to get the New Year off to a great start for your organization. The following 2013 company PSA tips and ideas will help you get the word out while also helping those in your local community live better lives in the process.


Public Service Announcement Ideas

Before you can issue a 2013 public service announcement, you need to come up with a good idea for a premise. A good PSA will help the local community stay safe or live better lives by offering daily tips, advice, personal stories and so on. The following tips will help give your 2013 PSA the attention it needs.

Cold Weather Tips: Depending on where you live, you might want to give your local community safety tips revolving around cold weather and/or snow. A good example of a PSA that used snow safety is one issued from the Department of Homeland Security that advised people to stretch before heading out to shovel the freshly fallen snow from their driveways. This PSA helped the DHS get more attention and it helped snowbound folks everywhere avoid back injuries.

Finance Tips: With everyone tightening their belt lately, your local community might appreciate a 2013 company PSA that offers money saving or debt relief tips. You might encourage people to open a savings account or call a non-profit debt counselor. Anything to help your community save and better their financial situation will do.

Health Tips: Your local community might benefit from an anti-choking campaign or a campaign to warn about downed power lines. You might offer tips to identify mold or other dangerous contaminants in the home, or anything else that keeps people from harm. Of course you may decide to take a different approach to health and you might issue a 2013 public service announcement that urges your audience to exercise more or eat better.

These are just a few ideas you can use for the basis of your 2013 company PSA. Try to come up with some idea that ties into your organization. If your organization helps to feed the less fortunate, encouraging your audience to donate canned goods or even give to their local shelter might do. Use your imagination and come up with an idea for your PSA that is interesting and entertaining for those who will see and/or hear it.


planning your 2013 company PSAPlanning Your 2013 Company PSA

Today’s TV watcher, radio listener and Internet user expects a certain level of production value with their content. That doesn’t mean that you have to go out and hire Stephen Spielberg to produce and direct your PSA, but it does mean that you have to put some effort into producing a quality product.

Don’t just use a shaky cell phone camera to film yourself talking. Use a steady camera, some good actors or speakers, some animation if you have the means and a solid premise. Put all of that together and you will be able to issue a 2013 public service announcement that puts your previous ones to shame.

Your 2013 company PSA should be planned to the very last detail and the idea and final product should be voted on by all involved. A final vote isn’t necessary, but it helps get everyone behind the PSA and you will know you chose the idea wisely if everyone likes it.


Disseminating Your 2013 Company PSA

You should attempt to get your PSA on the local television station, radio station and it should be published online. You should even write a text version of your PSA and send it to your local newspaper. When you issue a 2013 public service announcement, you want to know that everyone in your community is going to get a chance to see it and/or hear it. This can only happen if you reach out to all media sources in your general area.

This sounds like a massive undertaking, but it typically only takes a little bit of networking. Speak to managers and media department heads at your local stations and start publishing your PSA on your organization’s web presence. Your local community and the world need to see your PSA. What idea will you come up with and how many sources will you use to get the message out? That’s up to you. You now have the plan, it’s time to put that plan into action.

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