Bill From Catalina: Internet Business Benefits

Me floating off of Cherry Cove, Catalina Island. Testing out the Utterz video service and talking about how cool it is to have an Internet Business. Let me know how this comes out. I’d love to hear from you! Head over to and comment to let me know.

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4 thoughts on “Bill From Catalina: Internet Business Benefits

  1. hey bill!

    I actually just heard about utterz the other day…

    it’s pretty cool.

    I didn’t know that you could integrate video like that…
    i’ll have to figure that out somehow…

    do you know of an online video or website that could help me figure this out?

    I would love to utilize this tool the best I can!

    Love your blog it looks nice!

    keep up the great posts and work!

    David King,

  2. Hey Bill,

    Nice to see ya chillin out on a Boat in the Middle of Cherry Cove, Catalina Island… Where ever that may be. 🙂 Anyways, just wanted to comment on your Video… about the video quality and sound and stuff like that…and of course the marketing of your video…

    First of all, I won´t be saying anything critical or insulting like those others that you mentioned about on your other video from YouTube, because first of all, You are definitely much further than I am Professionally and Financially! 🙁 But my time is coming soon and thats why I enjoy watching your Videos… You have remained quite down to Earth…

    So here goes, the quality of the video wasn´t all that great but at least I was able to see you… I guess its because of the laptop video camera quality, and the sound was actually not that bad, considering that you were on a boat at times with some pretty strong gusts of wind, right? (one could hear it at certain times…) anyways, all in all, it was allright, BUT the MAJOR Question here is why in this World would you want to be trying your video out with “Utterz”? Are they paying for it? Why not continue in “YouTube”?

    There are most definitely way more viewers in “YouTube” as in “Utterz” don´t you think so? And “YouTube” has a Pagerank: 9, while “Utterz” has only a Pagerank:6 ? Why?

    Wait a minute though, I know that you being an Internet Marketing Expert with much more Knowledge and Experience than I have would know much better, BUT I just don´t get it… Or does it have something to do with the Negative and Skeptical Remarks in your “YouTube” Video?

    If so, then bro you need to smell the Coffee, because if you consider yourself a “Big Dog” in this Industry, in which I believe You Really are an Internet Marketing Expert, then you need to expect to get attacked by other “Dogs” too…

    You should already know that It´s not too difficult to make it to the Top, but once you get there, It sure is HELL to Stay on Top, right? and I am sure you are not planning on stepping down anytime soon, at least I hope not…

    So you need to place your videos back on YouTube and fight those other “Ignorant Dogs” because that is where the Public is… WORLD-WIDE…and by the way, “YouTube” is not only owned by “Google” who practically owns the Online Information and Video Streaming Industry, but they also work with “MySpace”-Pagerank:9….

    So if you get the time and patience to explain to me and others, why you have even thought about testing your Videos with “Utterz” instead of facing this nasty World at “YouTube”, then it would really teach me something new, but like I said before…

    At 42 y.o., I consider myself as a pretty knowledgeable Internet Marketer and SEO specialist that has gone from a longtime Hobbyist to a FULL-TIME Career with it in the last 6 months or so… but I am ALWAYS willing to Learn More, and nothing better as getting TOP Info from the TOP Experts!

    Hope to hear from you soon and of course, I expect to see some more of your Videos with some important tips and tricks from the Biz! Especially over Adsense, Websites and Autoresponders!


    Keep in touch buddy and Sincere greetings from Munich, Germany to you and your loved ones! :

    Howard Borges

  3. Unbelievable, I was still shocked over the utterz phone call you did, but this now…jeez what can I say? So I guess that means I can hang out with my kids at the park and still keep an eye on my site. How cool is that!

  4. I was actually in Lake Arrowhead when I got your tweet of this post on my phone.

    From Catalina Island to Lake Arrowhead via the air…pretty neat.

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