Beef Up Your CPA Campaign With These Unusual Tips

When attempting to improve the performance of your Cost Per Action (CPA) campaigns, you’ve probably come across the same typical advice again and again. Choose your network wisely, select only the top selling offers, go for offers that don’t require a lot of time or effort and pay attention to the stats to make sure the offer is worth all the hard work – this information you probably already know. The following are a few unorthodox techniques that are sure to provide the sustenance to help you truly beef up your CPA campaign.


Get The Scoop

Your CPA network affiliate manager might be able to help you improve your CPA campaign. Get to know this person and pick his or her brain, if they’ll allow you to. These managers know what’s selling and what’s not. They have the information you need to get ahead. It all starts with a friendly message saying hello.

In addition to communication through email, pay attention to the network’s emails (if applicable). These can include invaluable information on the latest offers, success stories and tips for improving your cost per action campaigns. Your network wants you to succeed, as does your affiliate manager. Use this to your advantage by asking questions and mining for any data you can use to ultimately reach your CPA goals.



It’s common for CPA affiliates to want to do everything on their own; but why do that when you can get others to do the work for you? Outsourcing your CPA work to platforms like Elance and Odesk can not only free up your time, but you’ll be able to tap into the abilities of experts to make your cost per action campaigns something to behold.

As the old saying goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Instead of coding your own website, actually hire a coder. A graphic designer can develop your website’s aesthetics, your content can be written by a freelance writer and your SEO can be expertly managed by a search engine professional.

All you have to do is sit back and oversee the creation and administration of your CPA campaign, and of course count all the money that flows in.

Whether you hire a single outsourcer or an entire team, you’ll love the free time it gives you and you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t turn to cost-per-action outsourcing sooner.


Video Marketing With A Twist

Come up with a CPA marketing video that’s sure to go viral. That may sound like a tall order, but think along those lines if you want to give your videos the added boost they need for maximum exposure. Use humor, celebrity lookalikes, current events or something wild and zany; anything that will leave an impression on viewers’ minds, and one that will cause them to hit that share button, blasting your video far and wide.


Improve Competitor PPC Ads

If you have the budget, start advertising your CPA campaign by using pay per click ads, only don’t start from scratch. Find your competitors’ ads by searching for relevant search terms in Google and borrow their materials to come up with precision targeted PPC ads for your cost per action landing pages.


Analytics And Testing

You may have heard the following advice before, but it bears repeating. Pay attention to your analytics numbers and test every aspect of your campaign to find the perfect combination your audience will respond to.

For example, Google Analytics has a feature that allows you to see exactly where on your pages your visitors happen to bail out. If you notice that your visitors are leaving halfway down your page, before they have a chance to convert to your CPA offer, you can then test other blocks of content to go on the latter half of your page until your conversions increase.

That is just one example, of course. Test your offers, your landing pages, the color of those landing pages, your content, titles, and even your calls-to-action. If you don’t test, you’ll never know if the CPA campaign you are focusing on is hitting its target just right.

So when you find yourself facing a CPA campaign that isn’t getting the traffic or conversions you would have hoped, it’s time to put these unusual tips into practice. Get to know your network manager, outsource the really important job to the experts, try your hand at viral marketing and borrow your competitors’ PPC ads to make yours extra precise. Finally, study your analytics data, test and alter accordingly for a truly beefed up cost per action campaign.

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