2014 ClickBank Updates

2014 ClickBank UpdatesClickBank continues to the lead the way for affiliates everywhere and many new and exciting changes are coming to the network in 2014. While it’s clear that ClickBank always has something up its sleeve, since it has managed to remain competitive in a rapidly advancing market, many of the coming changes are discussed in detail on the ClickBank blog. Here are a list of the most noteworthy ClickBank updates to look for as we approach what is expected to be the biggest year for affiliate marketing yet.

Improve Mobile Conversions with Pytch
Pytch is an excellent way to start off our list of 2014 ClickBank updates that are worthy of mention. ClickBank has been paying attention to the way people shop for years now and it’s apparent that the company has remained on the cusp of the mobile and tablet marketing industry. Case in point, Pytch seeks to revolutionize mobile marketing for online businesses, advertisers and mobile app developers alike.
The monetization service isn’t expected to launch until the Spring of 2014, but it is expected to feature groundbreaking ad-service technologies the likes we have never seen before. This puts it as one of the most important ClickBank updates to occur for some time.

Pytch is expected to sport a mobile ecommerce and affiliate marketing platform, as well as a campaign analytics platform. With more mobile partnerships joining up for the service as we speak, you should have access to leading mobile SEO and rich media advertising solutions for all of your marketing needs; should you actually choose to use Pytch, that is.

ClickBank Enters the Online Education Market
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are currently helping people learn a wide variety of subjects all via an online connection. This brings us to the next item on our list of 2014 ClickBank updates. ClickBank announced on December 12th of last year that it was partnering with tech enthusiast Chris Pirillo in order to deliver Chris Pirillo U or CPU to a constantly growing and hungry audience. All educational courses offered on the platform will be handpicked by Pirillo, which means that the service should provide excellent content, which is good news for affiliates and customers alike.

ClickBank Insights
While not technically part of the 2014 ClickBank updates list, this update is definitely worth mentioning. The service actually announced that it was including ClickBank Insights to its reporting dashboard on November 6th of last year. Insights – which is still in Beta – will show up automatically for vendors and affiliates that have achieved a maximum number of sales. This information will show up next to the usual reporting information, but all of the information can now be used to massively improve conversions; which the site showed actually works by providing a mini-case study of the platform right on its blog.

New ClickBank Category: 3D Printing Products
ClickBank announced back in October that it was entering the new but soon be explosive market of 3D printing. By offering 3D printing products, ClickBank will be among the first to bring this technology to average people everywhere. There are quite a few interesting products already advertising under the new category, such as ebooks, software and general advice for building a 3D printing business. Get in now and you may be one of the initial winners of this yet to be discovered industry.

A New and Improved Order Form
This is one of those ClickBank updates that may have occurred without you even realizing it. In an effort to improve conversions and sales for vendors, affiliates and the site itself, the platform has updated its order form.

The new design offers a cleaner, more trustworthy order form when compared to its predecessor and it seems to be performing well. This is great news if you are currently selling any ClickBank products.
These are just a few of the ClickBank updates that you may notice as you browse around the marketplace for a new product to sell. If you are a vendor, these updates should fill you with hope that your products will be sold with greater vigor, since more attention is being paid to ClickBank every day.

2014 ClickBank Updates 1One thing is clear, we haven’t seen the last of the ClickBank updates to rock the affiliate marketing world. Keep an eye out for many more to come as the platform constantly seeks to change the game and to increasingly pleasing results. If you have yet to sell on ClickBank or if it has been some time, now is a great time to get into the game. Create your profile and experience these updates for yourself.

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