What is ContentLink ?

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ContentLink™ is part of Kontera’s (a reputed advertising program that’s quite similar to Adsense) in-text advertising platform. For a webmaster, it provides an opportunity to generate another stream of income by including ads that match the content on his site. Here’s how it works – The publisher inserts the Kontera ad-code he’s supplied with in the source code of his web page. The code automatically detects the keywords in the content that are relevant to the advertisments contained in Kontera’s database. Once the keywords and ads are identified, each keyword is then transformed into a ContentLink™ with a double underline and an eye-catching font color, so it attracts the attention of visitors to the page. When a visitor clicks on a ContentLink™, the webmaster gets credited for the click (earns revenue) and the user is instantly taken to the advertiser’s landing page/website.

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