What is an Affiliate Link Hijacking

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This term is used to describe a scenario where an affiliate is unjustly deprived of his commission. Affiliate link hijacking generally occurs in 2 different ways, especially when the affiliate’s full link is displayed. The first way is to completely bypass the affiliate’s link. This method is more commonly used by hijackers and is done by manually typing in the web address in the url field of a browser and deliberately omitting the part that contains the affiliate’s id. The second form of link hijacking is even more sneaky. Instead of simply dropping off the affiliate’s id from the url, the hijacker goes one step further and replaces it with their own affiliate id. In both instances, the affiliate does not get paid what is rightfully his. The worst part is most of them don’t even know they are being robbed. Alarmingly, this sort of practice happens quite frequently, so it’s important that affiliates take steps to protect their hard-earned commissions.

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