What is Affiliate Commission ?

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Denotes the percentage of the sales price an affiliate earns if a customer referred by him goes on to purchase a product/service via his link. Affiliate commissions vary greatly, depending on the type of product/service being sold. For example, you can expect to earn between 25% and 75% commission on downloadable digital items such as ebooks or software. In some instances, you may even get paid 100% in commission direct to your PayPal account! As for physical products, commissions usually range from 4% – 15%, mostly because these items need to be manufactured offline, stored and then shipped. That’s not to say you’ll earn more promoting digital items; selling physical products via your affiliate link can easily add up if they are high-ticket items. For instance, it would be better to promote a vacuum cleaner priced at $500 with an 8% commission (you’d pull in $40) than it would be to promote a $47 ebook with a 50% commission (you’d earn $23.5).

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