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AdWords for mobileThe mobile device is now common amongst all age groups. While it would have seemed humorous to learn that a six year old, or a 96 year old for that matter, owned a mobile phone ten years ago, today mobile phone ownership spans all demographics. And with all of those people using mobile devices, it’s only naturally that advertisers would target them. Hence, Google Adwords for mobile marketing was born. To use mobile Adwords in your own business, follow these tips and make sure your customers keep up with your business no matter where on earth they happen to be.


1. Choose The Proper Image Sizes

When using Adwords for mobile marketing, stick to ads in the following sizes: 300X50, 200X200 and 300X250. These sizes have been shown to be the most effective on most mobile device screens. You never want ads that are too large or too small. Later on we’ll talk about testing our ads. Make sure you do just that to find the proper mobile Adwords ad sizes that your prospects truly respond to.


2. Using The Proper Adwords For Mobile Marketing Settings

Switching to mobile Adwords becomes easy when you can just check a few boxes. If you already have a Google Adwords campaign set up for the regular desktop, Google has included a feature where you can have your ads show up for specific phones in certain locations or any other specific requirements that you may have. This way, you don’t have to make ads for both desktop and mobile; Google does everything for you.


3. Take Advantage Of Mobile Device Abilities

take advantage of mobile device abilitiesToday’s mobile phones come with all sorts of unique abilities, such as the ability to tell where the user is standing at all times. The GPS devices places into mobile devices can now be used by Adwords mobile advertisers to target locations, and that is just one example of how mobile Adwords is different than traditional Adwords.

Now you can target mobile phone users, tablet users, mobile phone users in Alaska, tablet users in Utah and so on. Your mobile prospects can now be on the go and you’ll always have the ability to target them as long as you choose the proper settings.


4. No Flash

If your website or landing page uses flash, some of your mobile Adwords target users may not get the full experience. Keep in mind that flash won’t work for all browsers. If your site does use Flash, consider making a specific website for your Adwords for mobile marketing campaign.


5. Make All Processes Convenient For Mobile Adwords Users

Whatever call-to-action you may want your mobile Adwords prospects to take, make sure it won’t take them longer than a moment. Your landing page should be devoid of too much text or too many images. Don’t clutter up the page so that the user is left wonder what to do. Make the call-to-action the first thing they see and don’t be afraid to put the opt-in box or buy button right in the center of the page.

Research shows that mobile Adwords are very impatient and they aren’t likely to wait around to try to figure out what you want them to do. Be quick and to the point if you want to be successful at Adwords for mobile marketing.


6. Join The Conversation

join the conversationUse Adwords for mobile marketing to drive traffic to your social marketing profiles so that you can bond with your prospects and get to know them. Today’s social network-driven Internet demands that companies be more social with their audience. Use mobile Adwords to your advantage and start communicating with your prospects and customers in ways that were never possible just a few years ago.


7. Never Stop Testing

Even with all the mobile Adwords tips in the world, you still might find yourself straying from the mark because of your audience’s specific preferences. Find out what your audience truly likes by testing your Adwords ads on a regular basis. Google makes it easy to create multiple ad groups that can then be tested against each other.

Test often, tweak your mobile Adwords campaigns accordingly and you’ll eventually find the right combination of ads and ad elements that encourage your audience to take action in your favor.

It may take some time to get your mobile Adwords campaigns to perform and some mobile devices are said to convert better than others; but keep in mind that the Internet is constantly changing. Mobile technology is constantly changing. For that reason, just keep putting effort into your mobile Adwords campaigns, test, test, test and you’ll eventually find the Adwords golden ticket.

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